Monday, January 5, 2009

So, we're all trickling back in from vacation. We had an epic run up to Mozambique, 12 hours to Tofo thanks to the driver running a side-business selling booze at any number of spots along the route.

It rained for four solid days, our things got soaked, mildewed, etc. Our hut was made from reeds and the water came through the walls and puddled on the inside. Justine and I went out exploring for lack of any desire at all to spend time on the beach. There were marathon Uno sessions. We met Peace Corps South Africa, Mozambique, Malawi, Botswana, and Namibia, along with lots of other random mostly South African folks. The streets of the nearest town, Inhambane, ran with water a foot and a half high, and we waded through on the sidewalk, praying not to stick a foot in something deadly all the while. The storm drains gaped open, except where the water overcame them and made whirlpools in the flooded streets. It was all pretty interesting once you got used to being wet and to losing the hope of ever being dry again.

Finally the sun came out and we spent a few days in the usual beach amusments of sunning, swimming, and running before heading back to Swaziland for the New Year. There was a big contingent of PCVs at the (one) nightclub in the country. I kissed almost everyone when the clock ran out, an accomplishment of which I'm absurdly proud.

My resolutions are the same as ever. You know me.

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